Making a Connection with Lasting Results


Cory Hunter takes time to get to know his coworker, Tim Mannino. It has had lasting results on Tim, who now is upbeat despite challenges in his life.

Pastor Matt Given to Lead Adult Ministry


Our adult discipleship effort is getting a boost with the addition of Matt Given as Pastor for Adult Community. Matt will begin working Sunday, July 21.

Leadership Training Open to All


Well-trained lay ministry leaders will be indispensable as we move forward with joining together in God’s ongoing redemptive mission. Starting April 7 we will have a four-session course explaining how leaders will be helping to implement our philosophy of disciple making.

Discipleship Is Not for Spectators


Did God really intend for us to be relational beings? Is it OK if I just engage the church as a spectator or consumer? Did God intend for the church to be a school room where people sit and learn about God?

God Designed Us to Be in Relationships


Lately, we have been talking about what it means to do relational discipleship at the Hershey Free Church. Relational discipleship means a philosophical shift in ministry thinking and priorities.

Beyond Sunday


For us to take our faith “beyond Sunday,” it’s God design that we should be in healthy relationships with others. It’s through the give and take of healthy relationships that our faith is stretched, our blind spots are exposed, and our character is shaped in meaningful ways.

Are You Connected?


In an effort to help connect people to God and one another we are designing Life Groups that promote a climate where the possibility exists for Christian community to come to life. We are creating places where belonging and spiritual growth are the norm and not the exception.