CRU Presents Award for $1 Million Support


 Sheri Penman, a CRU missionary and member of our church, presents The Crystal Award to Pastor George Davis and Pastor Dave Hyatt, expressing appreciation for giving more than $1 million.

By Pastor Dave Hyatt

When I was a freshman in college at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, I was worried that my recent decision to follow Jesus would be sorely tested in that environment. I had no idea that my four years at IUP would be some of the best for me to grow spiritually.

From the start of my time there I was contacted by and got involved with Campus Crusade for Christ, now known as CRU. Through CCC/CRU I learned how to share my faith, how to spend time in God’s word, how to disciple others, and how to think and live Christianly.

In 1995, my wife Kay and I joined the staff of CRU and were supported by Hershey Free Church as missionaries. CCC/CRU has been involved since 1951 in reaching lost students and now anyone for Christ. Over the years they have expanded their outreach to include many more areas such as community evangelism (The Jesus Film project), relief work (Global Aid Network), world leaders (Christian Embassy) the military and families. Hershey Free Church has been involved in helping to send missionaries with CRU almost since the church began.

Incredibly, over the years more than $1,000,000 has been given in support of Campus Crusade/CRU by the Hershey Free Church. Recently, our church was presented with The Crystal Award. This is an award presented to a donor who has crossed the $1,000,000 threshold in cumulative giving to Campus Crusade for Christ. It is a gift from Steve Douglass and its purpose is to recognize and express appreciation for these generous ministry partners.

Here are some of the Campus Crusade/CRU missionaries that we’ve supported over the years. Tim Berry (Athletes in Action), Tim and Tammy Blacke (Josh McDowell Ministries), John and Christiane Davis (Leipzig, Germany/Campus Ministry), Megan Ginder (STINT Czech Republic), Jill Harnden, Craig and Aledra Hollenbach, Dave and Kay Hyatt (Middle East/Campus Ministry), Rich and Barb Leary (Ukraine/Budapest), Dean and Ada Overholt (STINT Asia), Alan and Sheri Penman (Asia/USA), John and Nancy Peterson (Athletes in Action), Carole Rhoad (USA/Campus Ministry), Sam and Danielle Shellenberger (Swaziland/USA), Leon and Alice Via (USA/Netherlands). The Learys and Penmans are still working with CRU and supported by our church.

I’m sure there are others, but these are the ones we could find. Thanks to the partnership of those willing to go and those willing to send, ministry has happened all over the world! Many of you have probably been influenced by the ministry of CCC/CRU. Please share you stories with us by leaving a comment.


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