Finding Your Place of Service


By Kelly Fedeli

God has a plan for every person he has created. He designed each of us uniquely – with purpose. Nothing about us is an accident. We are all part of God’s perfect plan. He intends for us to grow in understanding, using this design to serve and glorify him while we are here on earth.

When it comes to understanding how God has designed us, and getting involved in serving, most of us fall into one of three categories:

Category One

“I have no idea, or am not entirely sure of how God has wired me.” If this describes you, the church has a workshop that can help. It’s called “Designed for a Purpose.” We use PLACE material which covers five different areas: P – Personality Discovery, L-Learning Spiritual Gifts, A – Ability Awareness, C – Connecting Passion with Ministry, E – Experiences of Life.

The curriculum is not difficult. All that’s needed is a heart that is open to honestly answering a series of questions. The questions help pinpoint the areas that best fit your God-given strengths and passions. Workshops are held periodically and are announced on the church’s website and in the Sunday bulletin.

Category Two

“I am fairly certain of my gifts, but need to connect with someone in the church who can help focus my passions and point me in the right direction toward service.” If you don’t feel you need the in-depth workshop, the church can connect you with a specially trained coach that can help direct your gifts and passions toward the ministry where they are most needed and will be most beneficial. These coaching sessions can be scheduled at a time convenient for you.

Category Three

“I know what my gifts are and am already connected within the church, but I’d like to look at some new opportunities and possibly some different ways to serve.” If you fall into this category, don’t keep it inside. Express your thoughts to a pastor or staff member of the church. They will help to point you in the right direction.

The church has a “go-to” person for all of the categories described above. Her name is Evie Zook, and she is the director of the ministry appropriately called “Next Steps.” You can learn more about Evie and this ministry by visiting the church’s website, clicking on the tab labeled “Adults” and then on the link to “Next Steps.” Contact Evie at or at 533-2092, ext. 2034.

A life of faith is a journey, and our desire as a church is to help people take their next steps with God. The church wants to support you in serving by helping you identify and direct your gifts in a way that brings glory to God. Based on the categories above, there is not just one pathway for becoming connected. The church is willing to work with you in whatever stage you find yourself in.

“The Bible tells us countless times to serve one another,” Evie noted. “And what joy there is when someone is able to serve out of their ‘sweet spot!’ We want to help people discover this ‘spot’ and live out of God’s plan using the incredible gifts he’s given each of us.”

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