Changes in Church Staff Structure


By Pastor Kevin Dixon

As of November 6, our church staff is organized as shown below, with three “backbone ministries.” The changes in structure will help to create a staff culture that moves us toward greater collaboration and mobilization, as well as emphasizing the discipleship ministries of the church.

The new structure will force important cultural shifts by compelling us to work in teams as staff and lay members, and by promoting an environment of mutual dependence among staff and lay members.

Adults, Students and Children and Families are known was the “backbone ministries.” They will work together to forge a church-wide, relational-discipleship model that will start at birth and extend throughout a person’s lifetime. (Click here for more on Relational Discipleship.)

There are five ministry areas that will support and supplement these backbone ministries.

Worship and Music: It will help the backbone ministries in tangible ways by developing music teams in each area of need: children, student and adult. It becomes an equipping and developing ministry that supports the whole church.

Next Steps: This new ministry department serves the backbone as a resource for two huge needs: receiving new people and assisting them to integrate fully into the church. Next Steps will direct people to the ministries where they can be ministered to and where they can join in the ministry. It will do this by building effective on-ramps to ministry, whether one has been a part of the church for years or is new to our fellowship.

Engage3: As an equipping and vision resource, Engage3 will implement outreach across the backbone ministries. It will be the administrative and visionary force for local mission efforts, short-term mission trips and partnering with our cross-cultural mission efforts and missionaries.

Communications: This creative support department will develop a variety of communication resources and help the staff and lay leaders understand how these can best be deployed to reach the intended audiences for the needed ministry outcomes.

Administration: Backbone ministries are supported by facility utilization, technology, human resources, finances and secretarial support.

The Senior Pastor is the vision-keeper and advisor to the process and the teams. He is hands-on in the development of global, annual themes and hands-on in worship-service planning and direction.

The Executive Pastor ensures the teams work the way they are expected to. He is also the implementer of the vision and leads the teams as necessary.

Here is a line-up of leadership. Their contact information can be found by clicking on the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page.

Senior Pastor
George Davis 

Executive Pastor
Kevin Dixon


Adults (Open Position)
Kevin Dixon (Temporary Leader)

Senior Adults, Counseling, Support Groups and Visitation
Omar Zook

Men’s Ministries, AEFs, Life Groups
Gary Lathrop

Young Adults including 4twelve
Dave Hyatt

Women’s Ministries
Carolyn Harris and Rose Davis

Administrative Assistant
Craig Koskela


David Boerema

Senior High
David Boerema

Middle School
Eric Hufford

Administrative Assistant
Joyce Hetrick


Children & Families (Open Position)
Kevin Dixon (Temporary Leader)

Jen Stoner

Lori Keener

Anne Marie McAlester

Administrative Assistant
Amanda Fletcher

Worship and Music
Bob Sproul 

Worship and Music Assistant
Bob Karwowski

Administrative Assistant
Karen Kennedy


Next Steps
Evie Zook

Welcoming Ministries, Getting Connected and Equip2Serve
Evie Zook

Administrative Assistant
Amanda Fletcher


Dan Witwer

Global Missions and Local Outreach
Dan Witwer

Administrative Assistant
Diana Landis


Julian Richter

Print, Website, Social Media and other media
Julian Richter

Press Operator
Victor Schroy


Ann Fletcher

Dan Hahn

Dain Kulp

Bill Steinbrecher

Suzanne Herr

Database Management
Gaylene Edmondson

Office Manager
Barbara Ratliff

Sylvia Houser

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