Pool Party for Home Away from Home


China, Egypt, Russia, Japan, Georgia … these are a few of the nationalities represented at the Home Away from Home Pool Party on July 9. Adults and kids had a great time in the pool and playing group games. There was plenty of food for everyone, including some recipes from other countries.

Home Away from Home (HAH) is the Hershey Free Church outreach to internationals living in the area. Many are at the Hershey Medical Center doing post-doctoral research, but others have settled in our community. HAH offers English as a Second Language classes on Wednesday evenings during the school year. In addition, there are special events for our international friends to experience American culture and develop relationships with local families, including meetings with a “Friendship Family,” international dinners, picnics and tours to historical sites.

Write to Tim and Belinda Hoffsmith or phone 469-7036 for more information.

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