‘I was in prison and you came to me.’ Matthew 25:36


By Ken Freed

Tim grew up in a difficult family situation, struggled with drugs and landed in jail. We know God has a plan for Tim, and maybe Hershey Free Church is part of that plan through the worship services and Bible studies our prison ministry team conducts in Dauphin County prison. Tim, who is in state prison now, wrote to us saying he felt like God was talking to him through us and that God was beginning to be a part of his life.

In 2003, Paul Alexander and I suggested to Pastor Dan Witwer that Hershey Free Church start a prison ministry. Pastor Dan released that ministry to us and connected us with other men who formed the team, including Bill Long, Bob Kobler and Dan Zipf. We began holding worship services in 2003 and weekly Bible studies in 2006 at the Dauphin County prison.

Worship services are held every other month with piano music, hymns, scripture, responsive reading, a message from the Bible, an alter call and personal prayer. The prayers are so heartfelt that we often leave praising the Lord!

Bible studies are held Saturdays at 9 a.m. We’ve worked through much of the New Testament and are studying Romans right now.

One man we met told us his grandson bit another child and as the responsible guardian he was sent to prison because he couldn’t afford bail. He told us that maybe God wanted him there to guide a particular young man he had taken under his wing. He was not bitter; he showed his faith by trusting the Lord.

If you think God may be leading you to help people who are in prison, struggling with addiction or in need of a prison after-care ministry, contact Ken Freed.

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